Sunday, 13 October 2013

Yet more collaborative consumption aka the sharing economy

There was a brief item on the subject on BBC Radio 4's Today programme on Saturday 12 October, headed "Ownership in 2013". There's a podcast at

Amongst the online resources mentioned were - "making sharing mainstream. We're on a mission to build a Sharing Economy and we love to help you discover that sharing is... fun, affordable, easy, accessible, mobile and of course social. We bring it all together on-line, on land and on-the-go."

They seem to be closely related to - "the world’s one-stop comparison marketplace of the Sharing Economy."

Then there was Find, Invest, Grow which "works with young entrepreneurs, typically undergraduates and graduates of the past five years, to see them crystallise their ideas, support them through the development of their business plans and introduce them to suitable investors".

Googling around for more information, I found an article entitled Sharing is caring  in The (London) Evening Standard. This site mentions to me very well-known resources such as airbnb, but also several currently USA only schemes, the most interesting of which - to me - was Postmate,  a crowd-sourced bicycle courier service.

Sorted - - was more UK relevant. It offers up people in your area who are willing to do gardening and chores for an hourly rate.